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WhatsApp Plus is an android application that is known for its various additional features and provides a different WhatsApp experience. You can browse below to learn more and download WhatsApp Plus 2022 APK.

Multi-Language Support Free APK Download Anti-Ban & Ad Free Latest version 2022

Whatsapp Plus APK : One of the most used mobile applications in the world is undoubtedly WhatsApp. Launched for the first time in 2009, WhatsApp has succeeded in leaving the SMS age behind for phone users. It has more than 4 billion (2021) active users in the world. WhatsApp Plus is estimated to be used by about 30+ million people.

WhatsApp users, a popular application, are tired of seeing the same interface and colors all the time, and naturally they seek innovation. The programmers, who evaluated this situation positively, made some changes in the codes of the original application and released a modified version of WhatsApp Plus APK with additional features and themes.

Please note that, unlike the official WhatsApp, the modified plus versions are not available for download from the Play Store, but don’t worry, you will be able to download and update the latest version of WhatsApp Plus from our site for free at any time.

WPYukle.net is the only free site for WhatsApp Plus users and is constantly updated by our team. In addition to Downloading on our site, How to update WhatApp Plus without loss of messages?, What are the features of the application? How to download WhatsApp Plus to your computer, frequently asked questions about the application, etc. You can find answers to any questions you may have, so read our article carefully and to the end. Then we can continue. 🙂

❓ What is WhatsApp Plus?

WhatsApp Plus is actually the ordinary WhatsApp we know, but there are many additional features that are not in the official application. It is generally known among people for its theme and privacy features. It is an enhanced version of GBWhatsApp.

This app is not an official app and therefore you cannot download it from Play Store. Play Store does not allow unofficial third-party apps. At this point, we would like to remind you that you can download it from our site. All you have to do is use the WhatsApp Plus Download link below.

You may have seen different modes such as YoWhatsApp, FMWhatsApp, GBWhatsApp on the internet. But keep in mind that in such a sensitive application, it’s all a matter of trust. You should definitely not download from any site. We take the APK files we share directly from the programmer and share them with you, so you don’t have to worry about viruses and security.

Additional important info is that this app uses end-to-end encryption to transmit messages.

🌟WhatsApp Plus Features

➡️ Be Private

Vatsap Plus Gizli Ol

This is one of the most important features of WA Plus. Online status, blue tick, delivered click, read receipt etc. hide it.

➡️ Themes Support

Vatsap Plus Temalar

Download themes easily and for free from the WA Plus store, adjust them to your taste, make a difference.

➡️ Different Emojis

Vatsap Plus Smayliklər

Get hundreds of new Facebook, IOS and hundreds of other new WhatsApp Plus emojis.

➡️ Anti-Delete Message

Vatsap Plus Mesajlar Silinməsin

Do not let your contacts delete messages for you. Even if the other party deletes the message, it will not be deleted from you.

➡️ Status

Vatsap Plus Statuslar

Look at other people’s WA statuses, but don’t let the other party see it. Even download statuses to your phone.

➡️ Remove Limit

Vatsap Plus Limitlər

Send more than 10 files at once, share images at full size and without sacrificing quality.

🌟 More Features

Dark Mode – Dark Mode feature is useful when using it at night.

Direct Message:  This is an exciting feature; If you want to send a message or call a number that you have not saved in your phone book, you can directly call or send a message to any contact using this feature.

Freezing Your Last Seen:  You can hide your online presence from your contacts by enabling this feature. No one will be able to see your last seen and online presence.

Kişiler – Bu özellik gizlilik açısından faydalıdır. Kişiler arasında mavi tik, ikinci tik, mavi mikrofon, yazma, kayıt gizleyebilirsiniz.

Gruplar – Kişiler ile aynı şekilde grupların gizlilik ayarlarını değiştirebilirsiniz.

Arama ayarları: –  Beni kim arayabilir? Herkes, Kişilerim, Şunlar dışında kişilerim, Kişileri seç, hiç kimse. Gizliliğiniz için çok faydalı.

Durumlar – Durumların görüntülenmesini gizleyebilirsiniz, silinen durumları görebilirsiniz. Ayrıca başkaları tarafından paylaşılan durumları da indirebilirsiniz.

Güvenlik – Desen Kilidi, PIN Kilidi, parmak izi gibi çeşitli güvenlik özelliklerinden yararlanarak mesajlarınızı daha da güvende tutun.

Eklentiler – Çıkartma göndermeyi seviyorsanız, Whatsapp Plus eklentilerini deneyebilirsiniz. Yüzlerce Çıkartma Paketi, Duvar Kağıdı var.

Temalar – Temalar uygulama ile birlikte gelir ve temalar doğrudan uygulamanın kendisinden indirilebilir. Aralarından seçim yapabileceğiniz birçok tema var.

Emoji ve İfadeler – Bu uygulamada geniş bir emoji koleksiyonuna sahip olursunuz. Zevkinize göre emoji varyantını indirebilirsiniz.

Yazı Tipi Stilleri – Aralarından seçim yapabileceğiniz birçok yazı tipi vardır. Seçtiğiniz yazı tipi bir bütün olarak WhatsApp’a uygulanacaktır.

Fotoğraf / Video Modu – Fotoğraflarınız en yüksek kalitede gönderilecektir. Ayrıca görüntü boyutunu artırabilir veya azaltabilirsiniz.

Resim Paylaşım Sınırı – Orijinal WhatsApp’ta, bir defada 10 resim/video gönderme seçeneğiniz vardır. Bu özelliği etkinleştirerek, sınırsız sayıda dosya gönderebilirsiniz.

Çoklu Dil Desteği – WhatsApp Plus, türkçe, azerice, ingilizce, rusça ve diğer birçok dili desteklemektedir.

🌟 Hightlights:

  • Çevrimiçi durumunuzu gizleyin
  • Yazma durumunuzu gizleyin
  • Mavi tik ve çift tik gizleyin
  • Kayıt durumunuzu gizleyin
  • Durumları gördüğünüzü gizleyin
  • Mesajların sizden silinmesini engelleyin

WhatsApp Plus APK

You can download the APK file by clicking the Download WhatsApp Plus APK button below. Plus apps are not available in the Play Store. Therefore, for security, download it from our site’s download link. It is the newest and latest version of WA Plus currently released.

WhatsApp Plus İndir
WhatsApp Plus APK İndir 2022
File NameWhatsApp Plus APK
Size52.3 MB
VersionLatest Version
Android Version5.0+
License TypeFree
Package Namecom.whatsapp
Update Date:1 day ago


✅ We share new versions on our site during the day. You can make updates easier by joining our Telegram channel.

What’s New in Latest Version


⭕️ Base Update:
  • [Fixed] Harmful App Notification By Play Protect ✅
  • [Fixed] Crush In Chat Screen On Some Devices ✅
  • [Fixed] Problems That Caused App To Freeze & Unusable ✅
  • [Added] Clear Backup Option Now Delete All Old Backups Data. More Space Saving. (Mods > Universal > Backup And Restore > Clear)
  • [Added] Option To Switch Translation Mode Between In-App Or Gtranslate App (Mods > Conversation Screen > Translation Option)
  • [Added] Copy Caption Feature For Media (Image/Video) Select Image/Video > 3-dot > Copy Caption
  • [Added] Status View Toast (Mods > Home Screen) Now Immediately When People Watch Your Status
  • [Added] Buttons To Scroll To Bottom (Newest) And Top (Oldest) Message In In View All Messages Screen
  • [Added] “Save To Gallery” Option When Media Visibility Is Turned Off
  • [Added] Ability To Set “Search Web” Or Use Emoji For Profile Photo
  • [Added] Show Total Message Count In View All Messages Screen
  • [Added] In-App Translation
  • [Enabled] New Privacy Settings (Contacts Except) For Last Seen And Profile Photo
  • [Enabled] Disappearing Messages More Options (24 Hrs, 7 Days, 90 Days)
  • [Enabled] Reactions Feature (Long Press Any Msg)
  • [Enabled] Pause And Resume Voice Note Recording
  • [Enabled] New Contact Profile UI Design
  • [Fixed] Calling By Phone Call Option Giving Wrong Number Sometimes
  • [Fixed] Voice Notes Blue Mic Icon Issue In Home Screen
  • [Fixed] MOD Backup Folder Taking Big Storage Space
  • [Fixed] Translate Messages Shows Copied Message
  • [Fixed] False Anti-Virus/Anti-Malware Reports
  • [Fixed] Mute Indicator In WAMOD Row Style
  • [Fixed] Widget Opens Without App Lock
  • [Fixed] WA Bots Menu Not Clickable
  • [Fixed] Video Call Confirmation
  • [Misc] Improved Anti-Ban Feature


  • Added Mention Mark
  • Added Online/Offline Dot
  • Added Blue Tick on Reply for Groups (It is automatically enabled with a normal Blue tick on Reply option)
  • Added Load theme from the ZIP file
  • Added Click on Status caption to copy
  • Re-Added Option to increase forward limit to 250 ( USE AT YOUR OWN RISK.)
  • Added new UI for Copy selection of text from message bubble (Highlight Bubble > 3 dots > Message Selection)
  • Added Advanced Search
  • Added new Custom Wallpaper UI
  • Re-Added Hide Recent Chats Option
  • Re-Added Hide Other Contacts Option
  • Re-Added Hide Frequently Contacted Option

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed Backup not found
  • Fixed New menu now closes automatically
  • Fixed Random crashes when messaging groups
  • Fixed sending messages in groups take a long time
  • Fixed Blue Tick on Reply crashes
  • Fixed Swipe Row crash
  • Fixed Reset Preferences now also resets default wallpaper
  • Fixed crash using Status Splitter on some phones (not all)
  • Misc Many other fixes and improvements
  • Misc Enjoy and discover by yourself!


How to Download and Install WhatsApp Plus Latest Version for Android 2022

Android programmers closely follow the innovations in technology and WhatsApp Plus, which was first developed by Spanish programmer Rafalete in 2012, is updated and new features are added every day.

Although years have passed since its launch, there are still those who do not know how to download and install WhatsApp Plus. If you haven’t used any WhatsApp mods yet, let’s show you step by step how to download this extraordinary app 🙂

  1. First you need to enable third party app install feature on your android phone because WA Plus is not available in Play Store and we will install it as APK file. If you have already installed APK file on your phone, you can skip to step 3.
  2. To enable it, go to Settings > Security > Unknown sources from your phone and enable it.
  3. After enabling the third party app installation, download the latest version WA Plus 2022 from the Download link above.
  4. Downloaded files are located in the “Downloads” folder on your phone by default. Open the APK file by entering the folder
  5. In this popup box, click the Install button and wait for the installation process to complete. (Basically, the installation process takes 1-2 minutes)
  6. Download and installation completed successfully! You will see the WhatsApp Plus application in the menu of your phone, open the application.
  7. Grant all the permissions you need to manage the app like call, camera, phone storage, gallery.

And the installation is complete! Enjoy the extraordinary features of the application, customize the themes as you wish, now you have full control!

Is it Safe to Download and use WhatsApp Plus?

“Is WhatsApp Plus Safe?” The answer to this question depends on what you are looking for. As we mentioned above, WhatsApp Plus is a modified version. This means that WA Plus is not an officially released app by WhatsApp LLC. You download the application as an APK file from websites. You have to be careful which site you download from.

There have been reports of malicious code in some older versions of the app, but be aware that downloading any app from the Internet is always risky, especially for Android phones.

WhatsApp Plus has a few aspects that may be dangerous for you, but it’s good that you came across us 🙂 Before sending the application to you, our team checks for viruses and malicious code and then presents it to you.

Your security and privacy is our top priority, so we spent almost half of our time testing the app on a variety of Android phones. This mod is compatible with almost all Android phones and is bug free.

Is WhatsApp Plus available for iOS (iPhone and iPad)?

  • WhatsApp Plus application is prepared for Android phones only.
  • You may see apps with similar names on the Google Play Store, but they are all misleading and advertising. You cannot download it from Play Store as WA Plus has some codes that violate Play Store policy.
  • A dead end for iOS users, WhatsApp Plus is unfortunately not available for iPad, iPhone or iMac. Any iOS update of WhatsApp Plus in the future seems highly unlikely.
  • If you wish, you can also use this application on your computer running Windows operating system. You will need an Android emulator like Bluestacks for this. You can follow the above steps to download it to the emulator.

Info Graphics:

WhatsApp Plus İnfoqrafiyası
WhatsApp Plus Infographic

WhatsApp Plus FAQ

Is WhatsApp Plus safe to use?

WhatsApp Plus is 100% safe as the official WhatsApp has the same software interfaces. The applications we provide have successfully passed various anti-virus tests and can be used easily.

Why is WhatsApp Plus not available in the Play Store?

WhatsApp Plus is developed by a 3rd party developer. Unfortunately, it is not available on the Play Store due to copyright and license issues.

Is WhatsApp Plus available for iPhone (iOS)?

Unfortunately, there is currently no WhatsApp Plus for iPhone. It is only available for android phones.

How to update WhatsApp Plus?

For this, you can read our article called How to Update WhatsApp Plus.

Will I be banned if I use WhatsApp Plus?

No! Applications shared by WPYukle.net team have Anti-Ban feature and you will not be banned.

Can I run WhatsApp Plus as a second WhatsApp?

Yes it is possible. You can download and use GBWhatsApp to run the second WhatsApp Plus.

How do I transfer conversations from WhatsApp to WhatsApp Plus?

1. Backup your conversations on WhatsApp.
(In WhatsApp settings, go to Chat settings and backup your conversations)
2. Install WhatsApp Plus (follow the steps in question 3 above).
3. After the verification is complete, you will be prompted to import the backup.
4. Accept the conversations import request.

When I use WhatsApp Plus, notifications come late, why?

1.) If your phone is in power saving mode, you need to get it out of power saving mode.
2.) If WhatsApp Plus second click privacy is turned on, you should check it by turning it off.

When I upload the APK file I get the “Application Not Installed” notification

Most likely, your phone’s memory is full and there is not enough space to install WhatsApp Plus. Delete unnecessary files (videos, images, software, etc.) and try uploading again.

Status, video and pictures are not loading what is the reason?

This is because you haven’t given the app the necessary permissions. To allow it, go to Settings > Apps > WhatsApp Plus and visit the permissions section to grant storage and other permissions.

Final Words

We have tried to give transparently every detail about WhatsApp Plus on our site. We hope you will enjoy it.

When new versions are released, our team will publish them on our website the same day. We recommend downloading it from our site to update it without any problems.

You can write your experience and questions about WhatsApp Plus in the comments section. We will try our best to help you with any problem. I hope you will be satisfied using it 🙂

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